Learn about House of Victory athletes directly from the source.

We Never Just 'Are'

We Never Just 'Are' By Kayla Padilla Here’s the heart of it: basketball represents legacy, a circle unbroken, connecting legends to a young girl in the stands – me – dreaming...

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Own Your Game

Own Your Game By Kobe Johnson Every moment I spend on the court, I make a statement about who I am. Every leap and sprint, it all becomes my signature, boldly...

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Whatever Will Be, Will Be

Whatever Will Be, Will Be By Zoe Burns It was never just about the game. It was about the struggle, the relentless push against the unyielding boundaries of expectation and...

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Silent Resolve Shouts Loudest

Silent Resolve Shouts Loudest  By Austin Jones My grandpa was the kind of man to greet sunrise with resolve, and long after sunset he’d still be going strong. His hands were...

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Guys That Never Give Up

Guys That Never Give Up  By Jamil Muhammad When I lock my helmet and let cleats bite into the turf, I shoulder a legacy built by our Trojan family —...

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