About House of Victory and Name, Image, and Likeness

What is Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL)?

On July 1, 2021, the NCAA permitted college athletes to engage in Name, Image, and Likeness activities. Just like a professional athlete, musician, or actor, compensation is permitted for traditional endorsement opportunities, event appearances, social media promotions, memorabilia signings, amongst others.

What are the rules around NIL compensation?

NCAA rules mandate that NIL compensation may not include ‘pay-to-play’, recruiting inducements/guarantees, or sham agreements in which a student-athlete does not provide a legitimate NIL-related service.

Where did the term ‘collective’ come from?

Across the country, donors have formed organizations known as ‘collectives’ to pool money for student-athlete compensation and compete in the NIL arms race. With these funds, collectives sign current student-athletes to partnerships with specific contracted services. The collective model is the new standard to support current student-athletes with NIL opportunities.

How is House of Victory affiliated with USC?

House of Victory is the Official NIL Sponsor of USC Athletics through a corporate partnership with PlayFly Sports, USC’s exclusive multi-media rights holder. This partnership affords House of Victory unique branding opportunities, trademark rights, and advertising across USC’s platforms including game day opportunities within the LA Coliseum and Galen Center for both men’s and women’s sports. House of Victory has no affiliation with USC and is a separate entity.

What type of athletes does House of Victory partner with?

Our board members and staff carefully consider partnering with current USC student-athletes across all twenty-one sports. After a thorough evaluation, we sign contracts to specific student-athletes to participate in an array of NIL services.

What else does House of Victory do for USC student-athletes?

In addition to financial compensation for NIL services, House of Victory provides student-athletes opportunities for financial literacy education, family travel to games, professional networking, and brand development.

What are the overhead costs for House of Victory?

With oversight from the Executive Board, House of Victory is committed to strict fiscal operations and will only incur necessary operating costs. We rely on connections through the Trojan network to offset several costs.

Why should I get involved?

In today’s college athletics landscape, a strong NIL program is an essential pillar to long-term success. Without strong support from passionate alumni, USC may struggle to attract and retain elite student-athletes and coaches. House of Victory was built to ensure USC can maintain competitive excellence tomorrow and beyond.